Our goal is to rejuvenate your skin!

At Lift Care we are passionate about skin renewal and treating the ailments that trouble you. Our mission is to create and develop products that meet the needs and demands of individual faces because we all deserve to have healthy, glowing skin. Through breakthroughs in research and technology, we are pleased to offer products that not only deliver results but also define the new innovative science of skincare.

None of our products are tested on animals, because we provide real world results for people. We are always building new and exciting skin care products that benefit our customers.

Look younger in 15 mins

The skin is like every living organism in that it can heal itself. However, wrinkles and sagging appear with age and of course these are some of the first signs of aging to combat. High frequency machines are commonly used by estheticians in salons but that can be costly. Now you can use these portable high frequency machines in the comfort of your own home while retaining the potency of the treatments.

The D'arsonval portable high frequency machine, also known as the Lift Wand, is a powerful and versatile device. It comes with four different electrodes each having a different application for the face and hair. Each type of electrode targets a specific area; use the mushroom electrode for the face or the comb for your hair. It also comes with a bottle of 100% Natural Moroccan Argan oil derived from the fruits of the rare Argan tree, found only in Morocco. Argan oil has many benefits rejuvenating the glow of the face as well as moisturizing the skin. The healing properties of the Argan tree also help to remove blemishes and black spots. Together with the Lift Wand it is a complete facial system that will have you looking younger after your first treatment alone.

The benefit of using a high frequency device is that it enhances treatment of acne, blackspots, pimples, and sagging skin. The electrodes generate Argon gas that is activated by the Lift Wand and safely increases blood circulation to supply oxygen to the skin. This helps improve many effects of age on skin such as puffy eyes, wrinkles, blemishes, and overall complexion.

Introducing the Lift Bar

Our newest addition to revitalize skincare is the 24K Lift Bar with patent pending hematite stone technology. The Lift Bar is a facial massager with a powerful 10,000 vibrations per minute core, the Lift Bar provides instant lifting of sagging skin and rejuvenates facial complexion in a matter of minutes. The Gold Plated T-head comes equipped with a rare hematite stone that promotes blood circulation. Its calm and soothing effects also treat blood related disorders, prevent acne, and reduce wrinkles and blackheads.

The Lift Bar is sleek and compact. It will also compliment your daily skincare routines by increasing absorption of creams and ointments by 200%.